Engagement Tip

Engagement season is here and will be here through Valentines Day. This is our busy season and we are ready and excited. One of our own agents was recently engaged. Enjoy Jason's Story.

Jason's Tip: Know Your Girlfriend!

Let me start you off with a little background information about my relationship. My now fiancé and I had been dating for 6 years. Neither of us rush things and like to say “we take a good thing slow”. I knew she was the perfect girl for me and had been thinking of a unique way to propose. I have seen the proposal videos at sporting events, flash mob style and even the food court guy. I wanted my proposal to be thoughtful, special and romantic.

I thought. “What would she consider special, what’s her heritage and what fascinates her?” After much thought it hit me…Jamaica! Her family is originally from Jamaica and most of the family weddings are held in Jamaica, PERFECT! Now I had to think of where in Jamaica would be the most romantic. First I needed to secure a resort. At the time there was no availability at the resort I wanted to take her to and I was drawing a blank as to a location on the island that would be fun and that would be new to both of us as we travel to Jamaica often.

What to do now? As I pondered where to take her and where to pop the big question it hit me like a ton of bricks. MAYAN HISTORY! She is absolutely in love with the Mayan Culture. MEXICO!!!! She has never been to Mexico and loves to see new destinations. I was back on track and started my research. I opted to do a split stay among the resorts. Our first resort stay would be as boyfriend and girlfriend. Our second stay would be as an engaged couple. I like where this is headed, now to find the perfect location for Mayan Culture and ideally be able to ask at the top of a pyramid.

After some research on the Mayan Cities and Pyramids in Mexico near Cancun and the Riviera Maya it came down to three choices, Chichen Itza, Tulum or Coba. I know Chichen Itza is incredible and is one of the new 7 Wonders of the World; but you are no longer allowed to climb the main section. I also was looking for something a little more off the beaten path as we are both very outdoors type people. I looked into Tulum and while its more our style; all the pyramids have been closed for climbing due to structural safety. I am starting to re-think the asking on top of a Mayan pyramid and go for the “wow” factor when I read about Coba...This is the one!

Coba is a “pre-classic era” Mayan city making it one of the oldest with indications of the first people to settle around 100 BC. At one time Coba was estimated to have some 50,000 inhabitants (possibly a lot more) and was mainly an agricultural society. Once Coba was discovered it was little visited due to its remote location (about 2+ hours from Cancun) until the first modern road opened in early 1970. To date only a small portion has been cleared from the jungle and restored by archeologist.

I knew this was the perfect location for my move! Not only was it Mayan, but it was one of the oldest, still being discovered and in the jungle. Everything was falling in place for the ultimate proposal. I did a little more research to see why it was still being unearthed and excavated and it turns out that this tourist attraction does not attract as many visitors therefore its harder for archeologist to have the funds. I knew she would love the fact that we would be helping the Mayan city just by going.

I decided to upgrade to the private transfer and private guide. This is well worth the extra money! We arrive in Mexico and so far my fiancé is having an amazing time. The big day comes and I tell her we need to be in the lobby early as I have something planned for us. We arrive out front and there is a Cadillac Escalade waiting for us. I just get that look like “this is for us?” At this point I know things are going good. Oh so you are aware, the driver and tour guide where in on the proposal secret. As we ride along our guide introduces himself and tells us he has his Masters in Mayan history and is going for a Doctorate. I glance over and I see the look of pure joy as she realizes we are heading for something Mayan. The transfer took about an hour and a half from the Riviera Maya and as we rode we learned more interesting facts than I ever have on a history channel show.

Once at Coba we start our tour. It was surreal being in a city once had so much power and population. With so many ruins still covered in the jungle, the atmosphere was very “Indiana Jones” feeling. A few ruins and interesting artifacts are at the entrance. The main pyramid is two miles into the jungle. We opted to walk over a bicycle taxi. The walk was very romantic and along the way our guide pointed out uncovered ruins and interesting facts about the jungle and more Mayan culture and facts about the city. Once we arrived at Noch Mul Pyramid we all stood there in awe. There is this massive structure that you would normally see in the movies right in front of your eyes. I looked over and I saw her face was pure excitement. To the top we go…120 steps to the top that is. The view was incredible, you could see as far as your eyes would let you. There we were standing above the jungle tree tops looking over the world. Unbelievable! I passed my camera over to our guide and turned towards my then girlfriend. I took her hand and went to one knee…I knew the look in her eye and I locked eyes with her as I asked for her to take my hand in marriage literally on top of the world. She said YES and of course sealed it with a kiss. I know she will never forget. She loves to share the story that she was proposed to at the top of a Mayan Pyramid in a pre-classic Mayan City.

Guys, just think about her, what she loves and what is magical to her. Know her and what she enjoys and it will make your proposal as special as mine.