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Aruba Resorts Adults Only

Aruba Resorts Adults Only

Aruba Resorts Adults Only are very few in number. The number is 4 to be exact. Yes, that's right, they just have 4. We joke that Aruba has one adults only resort for every inch of rain they get per year. Aruba is the closest thing we have to "guaranteed sunshine". Read more

Aruba Honeymoon

Why do couples choose Aruba honeymoon packages for their Caribbean honeymoon?
  • Almost guaranteed sunshine (less than 20 inches of rain per year)
  • Great Beaches, very white sand and very wide
  • A touch of Europe, especially in downtown Oranjestad
  • Casinos
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Aruba Honeymoon Packages

We recommend Aruba Honeymoon packages for couples seeking almost guaranteed sunshine, casinos and a European flavor. Our top 2 resort recommendations for a honeymoon in Aruba are all-inclusive. The cost of meals and drinks in Aruba, like most resort destinations,...
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